Concentric offers pension solutions, sophisticated financial planning strategies, and pension investment advice to Jersey residents and overseas investors.

We provide advice in particular to employees in Jersey’s financial services industry, many of whom are familiar with us from our provision of trustee investment services.


We advise in respect of Retirement Trust Schemes (RTS are the most popular pension choice amongst Jersey residents), individual pension transfers, and also provide fee-based assistance to investors who need to make choices within an employer pension scheme.


We can recommend high calibre pension trustees to administer our clients’ schemes. Accessing Concentric’s Strategic and Bespoke investment services streamlines the administration of investments within pension trusts.

Personal Retirement Trust Scheme


Worrying about how you will afford your retirement?

What do you need to invest and how fast will the assets grow?

Baffled by pension transfer rules, jargon and salesmen?

Is a pension even the right thing for you?


We provide prudent, logical advice about private pension participation, pension rules, and how to fund your retirement. We then deliver cutting-edge investment solutions which can be held within a Retirement Trust Scheme, or RTS.


Our optimum investment performance solutions are ideal to deliver the type of retirement you are looking for.


Entrust your future with us, we’ll make sure you get the best out of your arrangements without compromise.

Corporate Schemes


Looking for a modern total solution for your members?

High calibre pension trustees, portable individual schemes, and cutting edge investment solutions?

Nervous leaving staff to self select their pension investments (the most important choice they will make) in your scheme?


We may very well have the right service for your company. From startup to large enterprise we can put the right building blocks in place, act as steward for the scheme and deliver your members something that your company can be proud of.


If you’re looking for something that’s simply better, get in touch.

Services for Trustees


Are your pension scheme funds suitable for your clients?

A big universe, but what are the best performing funds?

Would you like sustainable funds in your pension scheme?

Need regulatory reports and investment oversight?


Our light touch reports provide a simplified overview of your fund selection and performance, providing comparisons to appropriate benchmarks.


Many pension scheme members are now requesting ESG or Impact Funds, and we can help by selecting quality funds that are delivering the metrics your members expect.


We deliver investment pedigree to back up your process in the face of growing regulatory demand.


We provide oversight, analysis, and recommendations to deliver pension scheme providers with clarity and purpose.