Our environment is increasingly under threat from humans and our activities. We are becoming aware that our destructive habits are altering the dynamics of our planet and whilst these problems can at times seem insurmountable, it is possible to make a difference.

At Concentric we effect change via the investment of private capital in sustainable investment strategies. Our investors can have a positive impact on the world and its inhabitants, without compromising their values or investment returns.

Environmental, Social & Governance factors refer to the three main factors to consider with regards to a potential investment’s ethical impact and sustainable practices, and these factors are at the heart of our research process. Our Sustainable research process includes Ethical, Impact, Thematic Impact and ESG strategies.

Strategic Sustainable

Do well, and do good

Concentric Strategic Sustainable is a sophisticated investment manager selection service within which Concentric is responsible for appointing and replacing investment managers running Sustainable or Impact strategies, within a disciplined mandate.

Concentric analyse and screen sustainable strategies from the rapidly growing peer group, to ensure that investors capital is having an impact via sustainable investing principles, as well as providing optimum returns, comparing with both the sustainable and traditional investment peer group.

We capture investment managers expertise by analysing and implementing their ‘sustainable house view’ in a Managed Portfolio Service for all subscribing portfolios. The service accesses the managers models via cutting edge investment technology encompassing efficient custody and administration platforms.

The Concentric Investment Committee acts on our investors behalf to make timely changes to the sustainable investment manager in control of the portfolio, implementing a new manager when necessary. Our investors need take no action, safe in the knowledge that we are carefully considering the requisite analysis. We consider inputs from proprietary research, market information, and third-party peer group analysis, combining with our deep experience of investment managers operating sustainable strategies to deliver optimum results.

Sustainable Investment Consultancy

A comprehensive Trustee focussed Manager Selection Service

Concentric offer a tailored consultancy service within which we are responsible for introducing our investors to high calibre Sustainable or Impact discretionary investment management solutions to satisfy very specific objectives.

Concentric analyse the Sustainable Investment Management landscape through a comprehensive process of research, on site due diligence, manager interviews and performance assessment. This thorough process enables Concentric to assist Trustees to select Investment Managers delivering market leading performance backed by extensive and ongoing due diligence, aligned with current fiduciary best practice including provision of an investment policy statement and ongoing reviews.

We are fully aligned with our investor’s interests, Concentric has no ‘preferred’ managers and therefore no conflicting loyalties.

We engage regularly with our investors using third party peer group analysis and sophisticated benchmarks which combined with cutting edge reporting technology not only clarify the risks taken within portfolios and returns investors should expect, but also give an Impact score based on ESG factors.

ESG Review

First steps – awareness of an existing portfolio’s sustainable characteristics

Environmental, Social and Governance are the three central factors used to measure the sustainability and ethical impact of any investment or security. These criteria help investors understand the sustainable characteristics of a portfolio, as well as to better determine the potential future performance.

Concentric analyse the Trusts existing investment portfolio using sophisticated research tools, and deliver a report highlighting the ESG characteristics of the investments within the portfolio, as well as the impact of the portfolio. This empowers Trustees to make decisions about the existing investment solution, as to whether it meets their sustainability requirements and whether performance is in line with expectations.

Offshore Investment Bond

Ancillary services with taxation rationale

Concentric offer a wealth structuring service within which we research and implement international life assurance contracts for trustees, utilising recognised planning techniques to minimise an investment’s tax footprint.

We note that following tax changes in the UK, tax advisers are increasingly recommending that Trustees use offshore investment bonds to wrap their financial assets. The bonds we recommend can hold a variety of securities and can access our Strategic or Bespoke services or use trustee selected discretionary managers.

Concentric only recommend high calibre established International Life Assurance companies to provide bonds, without penalties or hidden fees.

Corporate Pension

Institutional investment management expertise applied to employees pension capital

Concentric offers high calibre investment solutions for international trust schemes, pension trustees and corporate employers. We provide advice to many leading international financial services firms, whom are familiar with us from our provision of trustee investment services.

We advise in respect of Individual and Group Retirement Trust Schemes, using either Concentric’s Strategic or Bespoke investment services with sustainable and traditional investment options well suited to these schemes. We also provide fund selection services to employer pension schemes, selecting from a large fund universe to construct high calibre fund lists.

We recommend only the best pension trustees to manage our client’s schemes, and we provide scheme documentation to assist members with their choices as well as app-based member valuations and scheme reporting at trustee and member level.