18 April, 2020

Coronavirus Commentary – Keep Going… We Will Meet Again

As we head towards VE day the analogy of being at war with COVID-19 looks even more appropriate, another month has passed under the cloud of lockdown measures, and we are all feeling the strain of surrendering our freedoms to […]
18 March, 2020

Coronavirus Commentary – Portfolios & Economist Update

Not only are we in the grip of a fast spreading aggressive virus, but world markets are falling at unprecedented speed, circuit breakers are triggering in US markets and media reports frequently make comparisons with 1987 or other severe market […]
28 February, 2020

Coronavirus Commentary – Markets and Investment Managers

In light of the recent news of cases of Coronavirus across Europe and the UK, the potential consequences of a pandemic, and the subsequent impact this is having on financial markets. We would like to provide you with an update […]
1 August, 2019

Jersey’s first advisory service for Sustainable or Impact Investments

James and I have worked in financial services (investment management, client advisory and investment analysis) for over 40 years between us and had developed the impression that investment solutions were missing something fundamental. Often financial planning or investment management was […]